The Clay Doctor

Simon blog

I've been very lucky so far on my clay journey. I was given a kiln out of the blue which was the greatest gift I could ever have received and the man who came to service it from SM and K Ltd in Cornwall turned out to be a passionate potter disguised as a fairy godmother. He had so much knowledge, patience and encouragement for this 'potter with L plates' that I don't think I could ever repay him even if I made him a sixty-piece dinner service (lined with gold). The 'Clay Doctor' has helped me to find the right porcelain, the lustres and the golds, the platinums and the mother of pearls.  He has guided me with my orders and listened endlessly to me as I asked the same questions over and over again and wittered on about kiln temperatures and soak times, bungs and batts, elements and cones as I learned this new complicated language. I must have driven him mad, but if I have, he has never shown it. Simon - I am indebted to you and I salute you and by the way ... can I just ask...? Only joking!