Hide and seek

So ... and this is quite a big thing ... I've changed my name.  Well not really!  I'm just being myself now.  I was too scared to call myself Penny Little Ceramics when I set up my website at the beginning of this year so I chose 'Little Earth' to hide behind. I told myself it had 'Little' in it so I was half way there but if I had started out as me I might not have been brave enough to try Facebook or Instagram or write my blog. I was entering a whole new world and 'Little Earth' allowed me to experiment freely with my work, pictures and words, and to find my voice. But now I need to stand up and be counted amongst all the other artists, painters, sculptors, potters and creatives out there who are brave enough to say, 'this is me, and this is what I make' and so that means using my own name from now on. It's who I am after all, and porcelain is what I do. www.pennylittleceramics.com