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There is currently an installation at Tate Modern where anyone can have a go at 'slip casting', pouring liquid clay into a mould and leaving it to dry before moving on to the next stage. You are definitely on a bit of a conveyor belt, zipping through the process, but it's so exciting to experience making something in clay from start to finish; even if the final piece you take home isn't the one you started to make ... someone else will eventually have yours further down the line. At times like this I wish I lived closer to London and could pop along to have a go myself because I've never done slip casting, but for now I'll have to make do with my usual hand-building. Three things in particular struck me about this brilliant idea; the first is that two of the of the main potters and contributors are in their 80's and still potting, still making and creating. This is so wonderful! How many people can still do what they love in their 80's? The second is the row of 'potters' of all ages experiencing something creative and new for the first time individually, but also, strangely, as part of a team, and thirdly, the 'slowing down' you experience as you tap into the world of making.. This is what creativity does to you, it takes you to a calm place and hours can pass without you even realising. Bliss.