Meaning and Purpose

Because I hand build my pieces, no two are ever the same, they can have similarities in shape but each piece is truly unique in the same way that all of us are. I love the way that people seem drawn to a piece visually and then, when they hold it for the first time, they usually know immediately and instinctively if it's the one for them. Touch is an important part of the process and I have wondered if it is partly because every piece is made in my palm and I never make anything bigger than a size I can comfortably hold in my hand. As I'm selling more and more I have begun to think about what happens to my bowls as they land in their new homes. I know that some are used to hold jewellery, and others hold candles which makes the lustre dance. Recently I was told about a tiny bowl carefully placed on a bedroom windowsill in a house on Dartmoor, ready to capture the late afternoon sun. I love to hear these stories and it seems to me that the majority, just like these two sitting peacefully on a kitchen windowsill in a house in Devon, are enjoyed and celebrated just as they are, and that brings me much joy.