Favourite squares


I remember when I first started to use social media about 18 months ago, my friend and 'online expert' Katie, said to me that, over time, I would probably lean towards one platform in particular, and she was right. I have come to terms with Facebook, the point of Twitter still eludes me, but I'm unashamedly in love with Instagram.  I think it might partly be because it’s so neat; everything is square, and anyone who knows me will know I love squares, but it’s also surprising, quick and bright with a light touch. I like the way you can see everyone’s story at once on a feed too – it only takes a second to get a real sense of a business or a person. I know everyone is showing their best selves but what’s wrong with that – I think it’s great because there’s something marvellous and uplifting about putting on your glad rags for a moment to say hello to the world. There is so much cleverness, creativity, style, design and personality involved in the lovely Instagrammers that I follow, and one thing's for sure, I'm never bored! I love getting a glimpse into people's lives and stories and what makes them tick - it's truly inspirational, warm and friendly. #iloveinstagram