Nourish is such a lovely rich, big, beautiful, all encompassing word. It’s about abundance, receiving and giving, nurture and care. It's about kindness, warmth, thoughtfulness and sharing. We can nourish others but we can also nourish ourselves with the things that make us feel better; flowers, a walk, a cup of coffee with friends, reading by a fire, cooking a lovely meal for friends or family. I know that working with clay nourishes the creative part of who I am and now I can't imagine my life without it. I was at The Nourish Festival in Bovey Tracey at the beginning of September and the town was filled with people from near and far. There was nourishment for everyone that day, the sun shone, the streets were packed with families encompassing all the generations, and the atmosphere was amazing; no one can ask for more than that! As summer turns to autumn it’s time to nourish ourselves and each other and so these flowers are for you.