"I absolutely love my little bowl! It made it back to Texas safe and sound - I waited to open it until I got home since you had wrapped it very well. It is sitting on my end table where I can see it every day - my mum loved it too!"

Debbie Suter, Texas USA

"Well she loved it: 'fine and exquisite, beautiful. And thank you for the efficient service"

Paul Smith, London

5 Penny Little Ceramics White and Gold bowl.jpg

"I have to say, your bowls are absolutely stunning. They are so tasteful, beautiful, organic and really reach a special place in my heart. A friend gave them as Christmas presents for my two daughters and we were all touched by their beauty. The ones that you have made for me will make perfect birthday presents with a difference, and a special, magical gift for a dinner host."

Nadine Collinson, Winchester

"Penny’s vessels are delicately exquisite and yet have a robust beauty that is redolent of a natural form and material. I love my little gold bowl, glowing warmly on my dressing table. I keep my rings in it at night and love the feel, as I scoop them out each morning, of the smooth gold on one side and the natural surface of the porcelain on the other. Amazing how something this small can be so striking and eye-catching. Truly they are things of beauty."

A D, London

Penny Little 6.jpg

"I have just become the very proud owner of a Penny Little Gold Bowl. It is an absolutely stunning piece of work. I did intend to keep it in our bedroom for my rings. However it is far to beautiful to keep to myself. So, it is now proudly sitting in our bay window. I keep nothing in it so as to show everyone it's true unique, natural beauty."

Annie Tewkesbury, Berkshire

Penny Little Ceramics 3.jpg
Packaged gold Lustre Bowl

"Penny's bowls are so beautiful and versatile …. I use mine as a luminescent tea light holder and I love it!"

Grey Ratigan, Reading

"I have one of these beautiful vessels. It is like owning a treasure, something special that you want to hold and look at. If you look inside you get a reflection that lights you up. These little objects of art come with an energy, a certain magic. Owning one is lovely……. but I plan to collect, no two are the same, you will find it so hard choosing just one."

Harriet Combes, Wiltshire

My lovely bowl has arrived all safe and wrapped up. It is delightful and made a lovely thing to open this morning. It's sitting on my desk right now looking beautiful!

Antonia Chitty, Bexhill

Many thanks for your help and delighted to have bought this for my god daughter, they are such beautiful gifts.

Katie de Albuquerque, London

Gold close up.jpg

I just received the bowls today. They’re more beautiful in person. It’s raining today but they are emitting their own light, they’re absolutely gorgeous. It was such a pleasure corresponding with you and I’m so happy to be able to give your pieces a place in my home. I truly hope to be able to own more of your pieces in the future and I hope you are having as lovely a day as I am having!

Michelle Haroon, New York, USA


“My Auntie absolutely loved her black and gold vase for her 50th birthday. She has put it in pride of place in her house, and has sent me a lovely video of it in all its glory.”

V H, Exeter